VP Quality Control


 Yo! I’m Temp, I’m the VP of quality and control at Celestial Temple! All of your packages usually go through me to ensure they are packed well and are secure. 

I was in the Coast Guard for 4 years, but I got homesick and returned home to New York. I worked a few jobs until I could become an electrician, which I learned from my father. I currently work as an electrician and it’s been about 15 years. 

I help out where I can by putting packaging supplies away, unwrapping new inventory, organizing, creating youtube content, funky arts and crafts and feeding turtle because Genie always forgets.

Birthday: February 24, Pisces

Favorite Food: Chicken Congee, Spaghetti

Favorite Crystals: Spanish Cubic Pyrite, Labradorite, Blue Apatite

Preferred Crystal Shape: Skulls

Signature Candle: Celestial Temple

Favorite Non-signature Candle: Sirius