Hello & welcome to Celestial Temple! My name is Grenee Do but you can call me Genie for short I’m the owner.


I started Celestial Temple after leaving my career as a Civil Engineer and after taking a much needed vacation with my sister Kim to Hawaii. We hung out on the island of O’AHU and while there we stumbled upon a crystal shop that sold some amazing, beautiful, and affordable crystals. I picked up a few items that seemed to call out to me the energy was magical!  Shortly after having my magical rocks I noticed a change within and around me, it was like a weight was lifted and darkness turned to light. I finally felt that inner peace that always felt so far away.


I welcome you to Celestial Temple as a way for me to share some of these good vibes, high frequencies, and love. I hope to bring a piece of me to you, in your time of need and comfort  with something shiny and pretty. 



Thanks for your support!